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Transactional SMS

Transaction SMS Service to Keep Your Customers Engaged

Transactional SMS service is used for delivering vital information to the users like the text messages sent by online businesses informing regarding the product dispatch or shipment delays or the messages sent by banks to inform the clients regarding their bank balance. And the best part about Transactional SMS is it can be delivered even to those users who have activated the "Do Not Disturb" - this is the most significant benefit of transactional SMS.


Advantages of transactional SMS services


- The transactional SMS is known for its faster transmission, and the message gets delivered within seconds.

- It is a user-friendly and eco-friendly marketing approach.

- Send the SMS alerts at affordable prices.

-It is a 24 x 7 open gateway.

- Even if your targeted customers opted for DND then also these messages will be delivered to them.


Not only does Transactional bulk SMS services assist in making the dynamic flow of communication with external parties, also help to maintain the smooth flow of communication internally with vendors, employees and other stakeholders with whom the organization is demanded to interact on a daily basis. These services support customers to avail of relevant updates on specific services or products, by again making use of shortcodes (discount codes).

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